New Deal Mfg. Co is a talent agency and management company located in Los Angeles, CA.
The company was founded in 2020 by Paul Alan Smith and Lee Rosenbaum and places its
focus completely on its clients, rather than the needs of outside companies. This mindset raises
the company’s ability to develop and advance the careers of directors in television and film.

The company’s unique setup as both a talent agency and a management company gives it a
great deal of flexibility when it comes to catering to its clients’ needs. One of the perks of this
setup is that it can partner with a client’s existing representation regardless of whether that
representation is a manager or an agent. This also allows directors to select their representation
from a larger pool of managers and/or agents.

As CEO of New Deal Mfg. Co., Paul Alan Smith brings extensive experience from a long career
in the entertainment industry. That career has seen him work in representation as well as an
executive, giving him a larger perspective of the many facets of the film business. The company
also benefits from the experience brought by Lee Rosenbaum’s work as an entertainment
attorney, which has included positions representing and running business affairs at large
studios. Tyler Reynolds rounds out the firm’s team and brings with him a strong understanding
of talent representation and a perspective of the film industry from the standpoint of a younger

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