LOS ANGELES, Feb. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This month, Los Angeles based entrepreneur Paul Alan Smith launched the latest entertainment representation firm, New Deal Mfg. Co. New Deal Mfg. Co. specializes in the representation of directors for film/TV/streaming. The innovative  company is designed to function as either the client’s manager or agent. Consequently, when a management company or an agency is looking to add another representative to its team, New Deal Mfg. Co. can offer its services to both. Conversely, New Deal Mfg. Co.’s CEO Paul Alan Smith said, “Unlike existing, talent representatives, we can offer directors the option to pick from a larger pool of agents or managers, resulting in the ideal synergistic partnership possible.” 

New Deal’s CEO Paul Alan Smith first established his Hollywood footprint in the early 1980s as a very young agent at Triad Artists; then in 1990 he was recruited to be Vice President of Current Programming at Lorimar TV, which later merged with Warner Brothers. From 1994 to 2012 Smith worked for BKWU, which merged with ICM in 2006. Smith later went on to co-found Equitable Stewardship for Artists (ESA), with the radical concept that ESA was to provide first-class representation to clients in a manner that pragmatically recognized how many agencies (and management companies) were shifting their priorities to co-owning product with their clients, opposed to simply representing their interests exclusively.

Additionally, New Deal partner Tyler Reynolds has all of Paul’s skill sets, but also brings a younger generation’s perspective, which in turn injects the company with fresh talent. His literary background as a development executive in the book industry, combined with graduating from UCLA’s acclaimed screenwriting program, substantiates superlative taste.

“I wanted to bring a far greater perspective from a younger generation’s point of view; I knew this would allow the company to be presented, therefore a partner, with cutting edge talent,” Smith said. “That philosophy is one of the key factors that brought me to create ESA, and now I’m excited to bring that same sophisticated taste and contemporary mentality to New Deal Mfg.”

Smith created ESA with his longtime friend and industry expert Lee Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum’s skills as an attorney enabled him to both run the company and help clients navigate complicated contracts in a manner few firms desire to provide. Without a moment’s hesitation, Smith again partnered with Lee in the establishment of the New Deal Mfg Co. firm. Mr. Rosenbaum has a history of running business affairs at large studios, as well as subsequently representing large studios and corporations in private practice.

New Deal Mfg. Co. representation client list currently, but limited to, includes the following:

  • ADAM ARKIN: Recently Executive Producer/Director on “Get Shorty”
  • FRED BERNER: Executive Producer/Director on “FBI: Most Wanted” (including the direction of the pilot)
  • CHARLES BURNETT: Academy Award Winning director
  • JOE CHAPPELLE: Executive Producer/Director on “Godfather of Harlem”
  • ALLEN COULTER: Pilot director on “Get Shorty,” “Ray Donovan,” “Damages,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Extant,” among many others
  • JEAN DE SEGONZAC: Pilot director on “Law & Order, SVU”
  • ARTHUR FORNEY: Executive Producer/Director on “Law & Order, SVU,” “Chicago Fire,” Chicago PD,” “Chicago Med,” “FBI,” and “FBI: Most Wanted”
  • ED FRAIMAN: Executive Producer/Director on “The 100”
  • MARK HOROWITZ: Executive Producer/Director on “NCIS”
  • JIM MCKAY: Pilot director on “Bosch” and writer/director/producer on “En el Séptimo Día,” winner of the John Cassavettes Independent Spirit Awards, as well as recipient of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • NIELS ARDEN OPLEV: Pilot director on “Mr. Robot,” “Under the Dome,” “FBI,” and “Midnight Texas,” just to name a few. Additionally, Niels directed the feature “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” as well as the acclaimed film “Daniel.”
  • MICHAEL PRESSMAN: Executive Producer/Director on “Chicago Med.”
  • ODED RUSKIN: Pilot Director/Executive Producer of “Absentia,” Season One. Director/Executive Producer of the soon to be released 8-episode Hulu series “Fertile Crescent.” Additionally, Oded directed both seasons of the hit Israeli series “False Flag,” as well as “The Baker and the Beauty.” These two series have been bought internationally, as well as being remade in the USA.
  • JOHN SHOWALTER: Co-Executive Producer on “Supernatural.”

New Deal Mfg. Co. also works with the following impressive and prolific directors, many of whom also produce: Heather Cappiello, Sheelin Choksey, Milena Govich, Elodie Keene, Leslie Libman, Tess Malone, Jono Oliver, Carl Weathers

About Paul Alan Smith:

Paul Alan Smith was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, much of his professional work is informed by the social and political activism he witnessed as a child of the 60s and 70s. Thanks to his efforts, this push for social change often finds its way into the policies of the companies at which he’s worked, including recycling procedures and incentives for alternative transportation options.

The industry veteran first became interested in a career in entertainment after seeing “Hair” in his youth. Following that, he studied theater at NYU and UCLA, and also further reinforced his social views on the world by traveling the globe and getting a sense of how different cultures lived.

After his formal education and exploration of the planet, he moved to Los Angeles with the goal of creating a repertory company that could create independent content for television and speak to the social and political dynamics of global society.

6363 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 650
Los Angeles, CA 90048

SOURCE Paul Alan Smith

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